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The Annual Jacksonville Chalk Festival



Come see the sidewalk come to life!

Our next appearance is at The River Festival at The Boat Show in Metro Park

Friday - Saturday and Sunday April 20th, 21st and 22nd

More than a typical Boat Show its a River Festival! Come see the gigantic 3D street mural! There will be 10 bands, A World Record Breaking Flash Mob, Great Food, Art, and Activities for the kids!


Adults $10 Children are admitted for free.

Show hours are:

Friday: 10:00am to 8:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am to 8:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Event updates and details at facebook/Southeast US Boat Show

See You There!



We will also be appearing at The Tree Hill Butterfly Festival!

Saturday April 28th


The Jacksonville Chalk Festival is proud to have participated in the

Jacksonville Spring Home and Patio Show,

March 8 - 11, 2012 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center!

We honored the celebrity guest Kimberly Lacy from HGTV's hit show "Curb Appeal" with a gigantic dynamic piece of artwork. Local artist Jacob Brooks of Skinny Man Studios created a 20' 3D mural from an original photograph of the historic Cummer House taken by Bradley Stookey of Jacksonville Magazine. Riverside Avondale Preservation Society provided historical information and archive photos that showed story behind the real house. It was an honor to recreate such a great landmark! Sherry Hill Corrie added several small gardens of vibrant flowers next to the public mural and childrens activity area where artists of all ages took to the paper and created a colorful mural of their own! It was a fantastic addition to the Home and Patio Show! We hope to be invited back next year. :)





I Love Jacksonville, Florida! Andrew Lacy Jonathan Adkins Lauria Trout Jacob Brooks

Get into it!

Be a part of the fun by adding your artwork to the public mural!



Jax Chalk Fest is an annual event designed to utilize visual art as the important, practical and powerful communication tool that it is, by awarding scholarships for creativity and financial grants to artists with the help of The Concentric Arts Educational Fund. The Concentric Arts Educational Fund holds dear the belief that art is the foundation for our modern society. It supports, Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing, Marketing and more. For ideas to grow into something tangible they have to be shared and expressed. Imagine trying to use only words to build a building or only words to describe a prototype for a new product. Everyone who participates is important in helping put art at the center of importance. It is our mission to foster creative thinking, healthy competition, encourage our creative students, celebrate the amazing talent that is here and make Jacksonville a better community by showing that Art Can Support Education. Art makes us smart!

Come see the beautiful spectacles form from the ground up!

Please bring friends and family,

and vote for your favorites with tips!


Practice days are popping up throughout the summer. If you create in any medium and would like to experience the cool world of street painting participation is super easy! There is no registration, no theme and chalk and soft pastels will be provided for artists who come to draw with us. Join us for any practice day by just showing up and jump into the word of street painting! The only rules are that you finish your artwork if you take a space and the artwork needs to be family friendly.

These are the spaces that will be available:

small rectangle 2'X3' (can be portrait or landscape oriented).......

small square 3x3'......................................................................................

medium rectangle 3'X5' (can be portrait or landscape oriented)

medium square 5'X5'..............................................................................

large rectangle 6'X10' (portrait oriented...car park spot)..............

Come get your hands dirty and show off your talent!

Friend us on FaceBook to get updates and details: JaxChalkFest

Questions, Comments, Compete, Sponsor, or Volunteer... Contact: Sherry Hill Corrie 904 612 8491 or info@jaxchalkfest.com


Special Thanks to our Amazing Volunteers and the following Sponors:

The Hilton Garden Inn

Jacksonville Downtown Southbank

1201 Kings Avenue, Suite 200

Jacksonville, Florida 32207

904 396 6111

The Riverside Arts Market

715 Riverside Avenue

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Family Fire Protection Systems

5843 Commerce Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32211

904 744 0224